Shell’s leading energy technologies are helping us to provide better energy solutions to Chinese market, and help China to solve the three top problems in energy area – energy security, environment protection, and energy efficiency. For example:

Unconventional Gas

Shell’s leading technologies help China to develop unconventional gas in remote and difficult locations. The Changbei tight gas project is a successful case for Shell. Our technology can also be used to develop other unconventional gases, like shale gas.


The world leading technology helps CNOOC and Shell Petrochemicals Company Limited (CSPC, also called “Nanhai Project”) to produce chemical products in a highly efficient and environmental friendly approach. For example, compared with traditional technology, a Shell technology can save 5.5 million tons of water per year.

Energy Efficiency

Shell Projects & Technology provides technologies and solutions to China’s refinery clients, which can help the clients to save as much as 10% energy cost. We also save as much energy as possible in our own operations. For example, in CSPC project(the “Nanhai” project), by optimising the operation of air compressors and boilers, the energy of 45.4 thousand tons of coal equivalent can be saved every year. The saved energy is sufficient for 7000 residents in Shanghai for a year.

Oil Products

Shell’s high quality lubricants and fuel additives can clean the engine of vehicles; help to improve fuel efficiency for Chinese customers.


Shell has provided its proprietary coal gasification technology in China through 22 licenses. Shell’s technology can help China to use coal in a cleaner approach.

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