It’s tempting to avoid drinking on long journeys to cut out the toilet stops. But even mild dehydration can cause headaches, tiredness and lethargy, which can all be dangerous on the road.

To stay safe, follow these simple tips…

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Mix it up

You’ll be glad to hear that there’s more to hydration than just plain water. Studies have found that consuming at least three different types of drinks per day helps you to stay adequately hydrated. So grab a coffee or your favourite juice along with a bottle of water and you’ll be all set for the journey ahead.

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Drink yourself better

Feeling a bit bunged up? Each year, a person is likely to get between two and five colds. These drain the body of water and electrolytes, which can lead to dehydration.

If you’re travelling with a cold, here’s what you can do to stay hydrated…

  1. Have a variety of drinks to quench your thirst. Water is always good, but soft drinks, juices, milk, coffee and tea are more than 85% water and can also be great for hydration.
  2. Drink regularly, even when you’re not thirsty.
  3. Sip hot drinks. Tea anyone? Or you can try a warm glass of apple juice with some cinnamon to keep you toasty.
  4. Eat foods that contain a lot of water, such as fruits, vegetables, soups and yoghurt.
  5. Monitor your weight. In the short term (1-2 days), any weight that you gain or lose is probably water.

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