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Get A Helping Hand

As our guest at Shell, when you need a little help to get back on the road, our qualified staff are always there for you. From technical know-how to get your motor running and safety, to coffee brewing and baking brilliance, they have the expertise to keep your journey on track

Shine On With A Car Wash

The better you look after your vehicle, the better it’ll look after you. So why not treat your car to a Shell car wash and get that good-as-new sparkle in no time?

Service Bay

Keep your motor running right with the help of our friendly mechanics. While you relax they can speedily and skillfully perform oil changes, free preventative checks and fluid top-ups. We also offer free safety checks and more for bike riders





壳牌是全球首屈一指的润滑油供应商,拥有 70 年的创新经验。 了解适用于汽车、摩托车、卡车等车辆的壳牌机油和润滑油系列。 

More Forecourt Services

Free windscreen clean

Tyre Pressure Check

Shell assistant checking tyre pressure

Feeling flat? An under or over-inflated tyre is more susceptible to failing. Be sure to regularly check your tyre pressure and keep them topped up for a safer and smoother drive.

Find your nearest station and pump it up

Oil Check

Water check

Tyre tread

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Staying Hydrated

Drink up and stay alert. Water is your best friend on long journeys as it helps you stay awake and on the ball.