The spirit of collaboration can transform anything: from a piece of technology to even a song.

Six award-winning international musicians have collaborated with six start-ups and Shell to highlight a worldwide support of more and cleaner energy. They include Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson, Brazilian singer Luan Santana, British performer Pixie Lott, American dance act Steve Aoki, China’s pop-star Tan WeiWei and Nigerian idol Yemi Alade.

The song is called Best Day of My Life.

The ideas behind the music

Here we summarise the video and reveal some of the new technology that is receiving support from Shell.

Gravity Light

Gravity Light are on a mission to help create electric light and power for more than a billion people living off the grid. Using gravity, a bag of rocks and a lot of knowledge, this low-cost solution will soon be lighting up lives around the world.


The world loves its coffee. The UK alone produces over 500,000 tonnes of waste coffee grounds each year, one tenth of which is now transformed into low-carbon biofuel.


The next step in energy innovation? This smart idea uses special tiles to capture the kinetic energy from footsteps. Imagine people helping to power the city they live in. That’s the future Pavegen is heading towards.


Solving multiple problems with one smart idea, MotionECO takes potentially harmful used cooking oil out of circulation and turns it into biodiesel that could reduce transport pollution. 


Helping favelas in Rio de Janeiro build a better life through reliable energy with a little help from Brazil’s sunshine. Insolar use photovoltaic panels to bring affordable electricity to low-income families.

Shell Eco-marathon

What started life as a friendly wager between Shell scientists in 1939 is now a global student competition to design and build ultra-energy-efficient vehicles. 

The best day of your life?

At Shell, we believe that day will come when together we solve the big energy challenges and create enough sustainable energy for the whole world. We can’t think of a better day than that.

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在里约热内卢的Morro da Mineira贫民窟中心,我们整修了一座破败不堪的足球场,利用动能和太阳能为其发电,因为我们相信:整合不同的创意,可以改变社区的供电方式。让我们一起来看看,这种方式是否可行。