Know new Shell Rimula NG Series oils for natural gas engines

Shell Lubricants, combing state-of-the-art technologies with its R&D expertise in gas engine oils, has created the new Shell Rimula NG Series oils specially formulated for natural gas engines. This Series now encompasses R6 LM, R5 NG, R3 NG and R2 CNG, which satisfy engine requirements of varied vehicles and customers, ranging from large fleets to urban bus operators, and from small transportation companies to independent truck owners.

Shell Rimula R6 LM – Ultra long oil drain interval for increased Return on Investment

  • Fully synthetic base oil technology, suitable for various vehicles from Euro VI to old-fashioned engines
  • Unique “Low-SAPS” additive technology and anti-wear protection.
  • Controlling block of aftertreatment devices
  • Higher fuel economy
  • Exceptional wear and cleanliness performance
  • Ultra-long oil drain interval
  • Saving operation and maintenance costs 

Shell Rimula R5 NG – Longer oil drain interval for higher values

  • Synthetic oil for natural gas engines
  • Specially formulated for mobile vehicles operating  with 100% LNG/ CNG fuel
  • Better wear protection
  • Stronger anti-oxidation performance
  • Effective reduction of copper corrosion
  • prevention against oil degradation and reducing piston deposits and engine sludge
  • Extended drain interval 

Shell Rimula R3 NG – heat resistance for long-term protection

  • Specially formulated for mobile vehicles operating  with 100% LNG/ CNG fuel
  • Ignition system protection
  • Prevention against high temperature oxidation
  • Prevention against oil thickening to form harmful deposits
  • Maintaining piston and engine cleanliness under high temperature 

Shell Rimula R2 CNG – Low cost oils

  • Widely applicable to engine systems of coaches and trucks with 100% CNG fuel
  • Piston and engine cleanliness
  • Wear protection

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