Shell Catalyst & Technologies’ (SC&T) unique and best-in-class technologies and catalysts have been chosen again to enable this major growth project, due to their competitive advantages and reliable performance. In Phase III, some of Shell’s technologies, including SMPO, PODer and EOEG, will be deployed for the third time in CSPC with the latest state-of-the-art designs in terms of energy efficiency, scale, and flexibility. Particularly on Ethylene Oxide/Glycols (EO/EG) production, the unique OMEGA technology has once again been elected due to its higher yield and energy performance. In addition, CSPC will build the largest linear alpha olefins (LAO) plant ever designed as part of a joint venture. The LAO are being licensed from Shell for the first time. The rest of the process includes the Higher Olefins and Derivatives (HODer) value chain.

“We are very pleased to further support the growth of CSPC which is a world-scale asset,” said Seng Yee Loh, VP Sales Asia Pac with SC&T. “The design and operation for CSPC includes SC&T’s technologies and catalysts. The collaboration with the local team will produce operational efficiencies and is expected to help bring economic benefits to the facility.”

Roelof Heezen, CSPC Manufacturing Director said “We appreciate Shell Catalysts & Technologies support with the complexities of this project. The reliability of SC&T’s technologies in combination with their advanced catalysts has us confident in the strong results we will see at our chemical complex.”

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