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Introducing the Shell Catalysts & Technologies LinkedIn Page

Introducing the Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ LinkedIn Page, a platform dedicated to updates, expertise, and innovations in the oil and gas industry.

By Andy Gosse on Sep 29, 2019

Welcome Energy Professionals, Businesses, and Colleagues

I’d like to officially welcome you to the Shell Catalysts & Technologies LinkedIn Page, where we will offer engaging content that addresses the people, technologies, and trends that are driving transformation in the energy industry. As experts in progressive upstream and downstream technologies, we are at the forefront of sweeping changes that will have profound short- and long-term ramifications for our business partners, our employees, and our families for generations to come.

Energy is a serious and rewarding business. So we’ve created a space to explore and demonstrate Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ commitment to promoting a new era of integrated end-to-end solutions and licensing technologies; creating cleaner energy through the commercialization of new technologies; and empowering our industry experts to advance our role in powering the future of the planet.

A Collaborative New Enterprise

I’d like to use this opportunity to briefly describe why Shell Catalysts & Technologies exists, and why we feel our vision is critical to advancing transformation in the energy industry. Launched in April 2019, Shell Catalysts & Technologies integrates the resources, objectives, and values of Criterion, CRI, and Shell Global Solutions.

By utilizing the valuable industry and institutional knowledge of these entities, the collective talents, skills, and passions of their employees, and their state-of-the-art technologies and innovative work cultures, Shell Catalysts & Technologies can lead energy into a new era of efficiency, cooperation, and forward-thinking solutions. Our decision to organize under the Shell Catalysts & Technologies brand may be relatively new, but the depth of our experience, the value of our knowledge, and the force of our commitment to innovation have had a long and profound impact on the energy industry. By aligning these key resources, Shell Catalysts & Technologies can enhance the future of energy.

The Purpose of Our LinkedIn Page

We’ve asked our employees, industry experts, and energy luminaries about their concerns when considering ways to improve how energy is created and used, how they can optimize their businesses and processes, and -- equally important -- how they can find meaningful ways to advance their careers while pursuing strategies to make energy cleaner, more affordable, and more accessible.

The responses we received were inspiring. In fact, the feedback served as the impetus to make the Shell Catalysts & Technologies LinkedIn Page a place where our peers and colleagues can routinely visit for the latest news and thoughts on where our industry is headed, why, and how we can ensure it remains a beneficial force in the development of our communities and business objectives. We encourage you to comment, share, and participate in the conversations this page generates in the coming weeks, months, and years.

What To Expect After Today

Our team has worked diligently to craft a compelling content series for our visitors. We will publish weekly every Tuesday at 10:10 AM EST with original content that addresses one (or more) of the following themes: Thought Leadership; Shell Catalysts & Technologies Brand; Science, Technology & Safety; Inside Energy News & Trends; Portfolio Marketing; and Energy Around the World. It is our hope that by providing valuable, relevant, and useful content to our colleagues and peers on a regular basis, we can have a positive influence on the dialogues and decisions that will shape the current and future benefits of our industry.

In addition to our weekly original content debuting every Tuesday morning, the Shell Catalysts & Technologies LinkedIn Page will feature videos, articles, whitepapers, ebooks, infographics, and even personal recaps from events and conferences by our employees on various days throughout the week. It’s going to be fun, informative, and important. So stay tuned. Together, we can help transform energy in ways that will inspire and remind us all why our careers are dedicated to such an extraordinary industry that is integral to the future of everyone.

Andy Gosse
President, Shell Catalysts & Technologies