Could latest-generation reactor internals unlock additional value for you?

Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ state-of-the-art reactor internals technology enables increased active catalyst volume to be loaded and almost 100% of the catalyst particles to be used. Combined with near-perfect vapour-liquid distribution and elimination of radial maldistribution, they can significantly improve the performance of the reactor. Typical performance improvements are increased cycle length, the ability to process more severe feeds, increase product yields or improve product properties. Additionally, they will enable shorter turn-around time and can increase process safety. Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ state-of-the-art reactor internals are critical for applications with more stringent product specifications, such as ultra-low-sulphur diesel production, high margin applications such as hydrocrackers, as well as for the safety and reliability in high reactive feed applications such as C4/C5 and Pygas hydrogenation in petrochemical plants.

Our filter trays reduce pressure drop build-up and maximise unit run length. Advanced fouling abatement technologies are of uttermost importance as the refining industry is processing increasingly difficult feedstocks.

Enhance your performance

Shell reactor internals can be used to help enhance your performance through:

  • improved safety;
  • extended cycle lengths;
  • increased throughput capacity, processing of more difficult feeds, meeting tighter product specifications and increasing and/or modifying product yields
  • elimination of pressure drop problems
  • shorter turnaround times and more days on stream;
  • improved return on investment in reactors and catalyst systems.

About the technology

Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ reactor internals have continuously advanced through the use of the organisation’s pressurised testing facilities and advanced computer simulations, and experience from customer and Shell affiliated refineries and petrochemical plants. The technology is applied to grass-roots units and for replacing lower-performing trays in revamps. To date, our reactor internals have over 25 years of operational experience and have been designed for over 1500 applications, most of which have been for non-Shell customers. 

Key characteristics and advantages include:

  • minimum pressure drop;
  • small space requirement enabling more space for active catalyst;
  • no distributive packing required;
  • robust performance over a wide operating window, including a high tolerance to tray tilt; and
  • a bolt-less, weld-less and ergonomic design that facilitates quick installation, easy maintenance and a minimised turn-a-round time.

In addition, we provide our customers with a tailored design and a range of support services that can include thermocouple advice, complete project management, tray delivery, and on-site installation advice.

Despite the important role that reactor internals play, many refineries may be failing to capture the maximum value from their units. This is often the case when existing reactor internals may appear to be working well but there is significant additional profit to be made from improved designs that can enhance performance further.

An employee assesses reactor internals from the tower internals platform.

Discover new value with Shell Catalysts & Technologies' Reactor Internals

Previously, the conversation around optimising fixed-bed catalytic reactors performance did not include reactor internals. Shell Catalysts & Technologies is changing that conversation by addressing reactor operability issues through their Reactor Internals technology.

The results speak for themselves. There was a result of a 20% increase in volume in one case. In throughput, there was a 28% increase in effective catalyst volume, unit produced 10ppm ULSD (Diesel Hydrotreater, Sweden). Refiners saw ROI in less than a year through an increased cycle time and improved product quality (Lube Oil Hydrotreater, South Korea). Other partners found $ 2.56M in savings due to a shorter turnaround by four days (One Customer, Shell Partner). 

FCC Unit Internals

FCC unit internals from Shell Catalysts & Technologies includes a range of innovative and unique solutions.

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