Gasoline demand is weakening as diesel becomes more widely used

Feed injection system: Proprietary side and bottom-entry feed nozzles offer excellent riser coverage and mixing with the catalyst. This can result in higher gasoline yields, less dry gas, lower steam consumption and reduced pressure requirements.

Riser internals: Riser internals improve catalyst distribution and reduce spent catalyst reflux, which minimises nonselective thermal cracking.

Close-coupled reactor cyclones with coke catcher: In addition to providing high separation efficiency, close-coupled cyclones reduces post-riser cracking and reactor vessel coking.

High-efficiency stripper: The Proprietary PentaFlow stripper packing removes up to 95% of hydrocarbons. The relatively open design can avoid plugging, enhances catalyst flux and facilitates access for maintenance efforts.

Catalyst circulation enhancement technology: This improves circulation rates by up to 50% and is applicable to both the stripper and the regenerator standpipes. This technology also improves stability and pressure build-up by optimising the catalyst condition near the inlets.

Flue-gas technology: Shell pioneered third-stage separator (TSS) technology and which has been installed in more than 60 units over the past 50 years.

Sharc: Shell’s FCC Process Model: Integrates with the FCC/RFCC on-line optimisation system and refinery planning and scheduling tools. The technology, together with proper operation and maintenance have demonstrated improvement in profitability by 0.10 – 0.50 US$ per barrel through improved unit operation and catalyst selection.

A Shell employee maintains an FCC unit.

Reduce Emissions. Increase Profitability. Improve Reliability.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies has a broad portfolio of FCC internals which can reduce emissions, increase profitability, and improve reliability. FCC unit technology powered by collaboration between Shell and customer technologists can have an industry-leading impact.

Revamps involving Shell Catalysts & Technologies are starting with an extensive diagnosis between Shell and customer teams. Technology, hardware, reactor internals, catalysts, and other solutions are at the core of what we do. However, our customers get additional value out of access to Shell’s expertise and unique position in the industry. As our affiliates are also owners and operators, and we are licensors of some of the world’s best energy solutions, Shell Catalysts & Technologies pulls on decades of experience from a global perspective.

Fluidised Catalytic Cracking

Our proven technology, extensive R&D programs, and process expertise provide an industry-leading return on investment to our clients.

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