Advanced Process Technology and High-Performance Catalysts

Our hydrotreating technology is based on extensive research and design in catalysts and processes over many decades, combined with lessons learned from our affiliates’ operational experience.

In Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ hydrotreating process, oil fractions are reacted with hydrogen in the presence of a catalyst to produce high-value clean products. The operating conditions will depend on the final application.

The heart of our hydrotreating process is the reactor section, which features a high-pressure reactor vessel and state-of-the-art catalyst and reactor internals technology. The process configuration is tailored and optimised for each application to suit operating requirements and customer-specific project economics, which provides clear and sustained advantages.

Past experience supports the potential for better mechanical availability, on-stream factor, and utilisation. The turnaround duration can be reduced by as much as 8-16 days.

Conventional trickle phase units for distillate hydrodesulphurisation units are based on the two- or four-separator design concept. Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ designs have improved heat integration, which can help to reduce energy costs. Charge heaters in Shell ultra-low-sulphur-diesel units have up to 25°C lower temperature differentials across them, which is a direct measurement of energy efficiency. Moreover, Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ designs have helped to reduce the total equipment count and the capital and operating costs.

Employee conducts hydrotreating inspection at the top of an LNG tank

Shell Catalysts & Technologies leverages Shell affiliates’ heritage as the owner and operator of refining facilities to bring value to your refinery.

Our technology is designed to operate reliably and efficiently to help improve the return on investment throughout the life cycle of a unit. Shell affiliates’ hydrotreating units allow Shell Catalysts & Technologies to incorporate Shell’s wide experience base as a major operator of hydrotreating capacity in the world.

Hydrocracking Technology

Shell hydrocracking technology provides several commercial benefits for refineries including improvements in product yield, unit stability, and enhanced turnaround times.

Gasification Technology

Monetise refinery residues, asphaltenes, and heavy oils by converting them into syngas with our Residue and Natural Gas Gasification process.

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