Meet Demands with Flexible Hydrocracking Configurations

Shell Catalysts & Technologies is a global leader in hydrotreating catalysts and has a track record that stretches back when the technology was first invented. Our catalysts can be found in about 850 hydrotreating units around the world, and are used for product quality upgrading and hydrocracker pretreatment.

We work closely with refiners with recommendations on their selection of the most appropriate hydrocracking and pretreatment catalysts. This involves a detailed analysis in which reference will be made to feedstock quality; the desired product slate; the design of the hydrocracker and its normal operating regime; the amount of hydrogen available; and the target cycle length. Process modelling and pilot plant trials are part of the toolbox used to pinpoint the best catalysts for individual hydrocrackers and also to develop the most effective unit operating strategy.

As hydrocracking replaces fluidised catalytic cracking as the refinery conversion process of choice, Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers a broad range of zeolite catalysts to satisfy a variety of refinery hydrocracking objectives. We also provide the pretreatment catalysts that are vital to preserving the function of the main cracking catalysts.

Our hydrocracking technology and expertise offer a range of commercial benefits, such as technical services and advice on unit optimisation that help refiners to meet fluctuating market demands and changing legislation. Additionally, Shell Catalysts & Technologies provides access to catalysts that are designed to provide improvements in yield and stability with activity advantages as well as integrated life-cycle catalyst services and advice.

Hydrocracking scientist monitors the temperature that turns wax into oil

Cutting-edge technology backed by owner-operator expertise.

By applying Shell Catalysts & Technologies hydrocracking expertise, informed by its affiliates experience as worldwide owners and operators, we offer cutting-edge technology licenses for new units and revamps.

These technologies help refiners around the world to achieve the products and the performance they need in today’s marketplace and to meet ever-more stringent fuel-quality regulations.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers designs for a commercially proven hydrocracker product work-up section that features a single main fractionator. This innovative configuration provides a 35–40% reduction in fractionation furnace energy consumption when compared with the conventional stripper–fractionator configuration.

Residue Upgrading

Shell Catalysts & Technologies assists refineries through the energy transition with flexible solutions like residue hydrocracking and upgrading.

Hydrotreating Technology

Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ hydrotreating process combines advanced technology, high-performance catalyst systems, and efficient reactor internal designs to address challenges.

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