Meet Demand for Group II and III Base Oils

There are two forms of dewaxing processes: solvent and catalytic. Traditionally, solvent dewaxing and the production of Group I base oils were most common. However, solvent-based plants have seen falling demands. As a result, many solvent-based plants are closing.

Demand for catalytic dewaxing and Group II and Group III base oils, on the other hand, is rising. Dewaxing catalysts produce base oils which have a higher quality and larger yield.

Group II and III base oils are the product of a long and technically intricate system of pretreating, dewaxing, and hydrofinishing processes. In order to achieve the best possible results, technology partners need to have expertise across the entire value chain. Otherwise, refiners may struggle with meeting base oil specifications and performance standards.

Catalytic dewaxing

Expert Technology Partners Across Your Value Chain

Shell Catalysts & Technologies is uniquely positioned to design, deploy, operate, and advise on the usage of dewaxing catalysts for the production of premium base oils.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies has merged three longstanding organisations to provide integrated value to third-parties. Our partners benefit from wide-ranging experience in designing, deploying, and operating refinery technologies and catalyst solutions.

Catalytic dewaxing falls under Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ area of expertise. Our implementations of base oil manufacturing systems leverage cutting-edge design to keep upfront fixed costs low. Our new generation dewaxing catalysts optimise viscosity, decrease the product’s haze, and approach maximum yield opportunities. In some situations, we also mitigate trading risk by Shell Lubricants purchasing some of the base oils after production.

Refining Catalysts

Shell Catalysts & Technologies supplies catalysts for the critical processes that use hydrogen to upgrade and add value to refinery streams and final products.

Residue Upgrading

Shell Catalysts & Technologies assists refineries through the energy transition with flexible solutions like residue hydrocracking and upgrading.

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