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Crude Oil Processing Technologies

Dealing with the bottom of the barrel is high on the refining industry’s agenda. Effective use of catalysts is key.

Gasification Technology

Monetise refinery residues, asphaltenes, and heavy oils by converting them into syngas with our Residue and Natural Gas Gasification process.

Hydrotreating Technology

Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ hydrotreating process combines advanced technology, high-performance catalyst systems, and efficient reactor internal designs to address challenges.

Hydrocracking Technology

Shell hydrocracking technology provides several commercial benefits for refineries including improvements in product yield, unit stability, and enhanced turnaround times.

Catalytic Dewaxing

Maximise yield of Group II and Group III base oils with Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ catalytic dewaxing processes.

Fluidised Catalytic Cracking

Our proven technology, extensive R&D programs, and process expertise provide an industry-leading return on investment to our clients.

Residue Upgrading

Shell Catalysts & Technologies assists refineries through the energy transition with flexible solutions like residue hydrocracking and upgrading.

Crude Oil to Chemicals

Shell Catalysts & Technologies integrate petrochemicals technology with refinery catalysts to create major opportunities for cost savings and facility efficiency.