Sulfinol Reduces Contaminants, Lowers CapEx & OpEx

Gas development projects face growing challenges from increasingly sour resources, tighter sales specifications and stricter environmental emission standards. The Sulfinol process is the leading single-solvent solution available for treating sour gases that contain trace sulphur in the form of mercaptans and other organic species down to the most sulphur specifications. Crucially, the treating line-up is simpler and it enables all-in-one removal of contaminants, which can help to reduce capital and operating expenditure.

The advantages can include:

  • one step removal of acid gases (H2S, CO2) and Trace Organic sulphur (mercaptans, COS, disulfides, thioethers, etc)
  • faster CO2 and COS removal through enhanced reaction kinetics;
  • higher loading capacity, which reduces the solvent circulation rate and facilitates the use of smaller equipment;
  • reduced steam requirements compared to chemical solvents owing to its lower solvent circulation rate and heat of reaction;
  • low solvent foaming tendency in the presence of heavy hydrocarbons, resulting in improved hydraulic characteristics;
  • reduced solvent degradation, so reclamation typically is not required.

In addition, all the solvent chemicals can be sourced on the open market. Shell Catalysts & Technologies has a long history of developing gas-treating processes; The first Shell affiliated Sulfinol unit, for example, started up in 1964. More than 240 Shell facilities and licensees have applied the technology, and it has established a track record of high levels of performance and reliability. 

Sulfinol employee on Sulphur tank in Alberta

Sulfinol processes are streamlined, all-in-one solutions to maximise results.

Enhanced solubility provides quicker mercaptan removal and lower hydrocarbon co-absorption. Shell Catalysts & Technologies has seen firsthand the effects of gas-treating plants switching to the Sulfinol process. Results include deep removal of trace organic sulphur along with the acid gases (H2S/CO2 )  while lowering equipment count and operating costs.

Natural Gas Processing

Remove CO2, COS, H2S, and other sulphur compounds using Shell Catalyst & Technologies’ amine gas treatment technologies and processes.

Amine & Acid Gas Treating

Our ADIP-ULTRA process increases facility organic sulphur removal capacity as a proven approach to acid and amine gas treating.

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