Treating Amine in Sour Gas Profitably

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, Shell Catalysts & Technologies has learned from operations to push performance limits. With ADIP-ULTRA, we have significantly upgraded the solvent performance which offers a step change to the industry’s CO2 removal capability. 

By analysing proven operational performance through historical data, performance test runs, etc. combined with de-risking for improved modelling capabilities we can deliver more efficient designs with stable operation.

The end result is a sharper design that can result in CO2 removal capacity increased up to 25% as well as up to 30% reduction in regeneration energy. This also translates to up to 30% reduction on equipment costs, increasing project NPV, Reduced circulation rates, more throughput, and an added ability to handle more challenging gas.

Amine gas treating engineers walk towards the Pre-treatment section of the gas-to-liquids area

Avoid solvent deterioration during LNG transportation with ADIP which does not form degradation products.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies has a long history with ADIP technology. First developed in the 1950s, it is our most referenced technology to date with over 500 Shell operating facilities and licensees. ADIP technology has established a track record of high levels of performance and reliability.

Mercaptan Removal with Sulfinol

Cost-effective, simple processes to remove hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and other organic sulphur compounds from a variety of feed gases.

Natural Gas Purification

Meet the ever-increasing demands of the energy transition by leveraging Shell Catalysts & Technologies' licenses natural gas purification technology.

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