Shell Catalysts & Technologies is helping to meet growing global energy demand and limit CO2 emissions by enabling production of more, cleaner burning natural gas. Natural gas powers, heats and cools industries, homes and businesses; it fuels trucks and ships as an alternative to diesel and heavy fuel oil, and it goes into many everyday essentials.

Natural gas can help to meet that challenge by reducing emissions and improving air quality when it replaces coal and diesel. Gas is also a reliable partner for renewable energy sources; providing critical support for wind, solar and hydroelectricity by helping to match supply and demand.

Refineries worldwide may increasingly face mandates to recover at least 99.98% of the sulphur present in their feedstocks and to limit sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions to less than 100 ppm owing to the need to manufacture low-sulphur products while minimising plant emissions. The challenges are compounded because, to be competitive, many refineries are processing discounted crudes, which typically have a high sulphur content.

During the refining process, this is converted to H2S and SO2, but special precautions must be taken to limit the atmospheric release of these gases. Shell offers a wide portfolio of refinery gas treating technologies that enable a broad range of crudes to be processed while meeting the most stringent emission requirements. Crucially, these solutions are integrated with the rest of the plant.

Shell gas treating processes enable the removal of contaminants from sour streams to support efficient operations and meet a facility’s environmental mandate. Our robust, integrated design approach delivers an efficient gas treating “block” that will be competitive in its energy consumption, availability and equipment count. In addition, this can increase the refiner’s operating window, thereby enabling it to handle inexpensive, difficult to process crudes.

Together with our logistics partners, we can offer a tailored transport solution in dedicated tank containers to assure high quality standards. We can arrange to ship the product safely, quickly and reliably to your production facility.

Employees conduct exploration of natural gas purification plant

Backed by our owner-operator experience, our tailored solutions meet standards while adding value.

Natural gas is the cleanest burning hydrocarbon and emits approximately 50% fewer gas emissions than coal when used to generate electricity. Shell affiliates supply natural gas in its liquefied form to customers in 25 countries across the globe.

Natural Gas Processing

Remove CO2, COS, H2S, and other sulphur compounds using Shell Catalyst & Technologies’ amine gas treatment technologies and processes.

Amine & Acid Gas Treating

Our ADIP-ULTRA process increases facility organic sulphur removal capacity as a proven approach to acid and amine gas treating.

Mercaptan Removal with Sulfinol

Cost-effective, simple processes to remove hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and other organic sulphur compounds from a variety of feed gases.

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