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We stand behind the solutions we license to you, as well as Shell’s own affiliates, who are operators of Shell refineries around the globe.

Within Shell Catalysts & Technologies, a dedicated Gas & Liquids Treating team provides design, technical service, and research and development support for a wide range of technologies covering the entire spectrum of gas-and liquids-treating, and sulphur-recovery processes. Combining technical expertise with in-depth knowledge and experience of upstream and downstream processes, the team delivers high-quality, fit-for-purpose designs, comprehensive training and effective troubleshooting for customers. 

Shell Catalysts & Technologies aims to help reduce costs and complexity by providing design integrations across the full gas processing and gas treating chain, potentially leading to OpEx and CapEx savings.

With tighter product gas and LNG specifications due to increasingly stringent emissions regulations, Shell can help reduce plant SO2 emissions down to 10ppm efficiently, with fit-for-purpose process options. Shell provides cost-effective enhanced removal of CO2 and COS along with the removal of H2S, with low solvent regeneration energy requirements.

Our Solutions

Sulphur recovery levels of 99.9+% are possible using Shell technology.

Value creation through innovative design must occur at every opportunity. Find a gas processing example below of Shell Catalysts & Technologies ability to marry research and development resources with implementation and training teams for optimised results.

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LNG Technology

Having led LNG technology innovation for over 50 years, we assist in maximising value from the most technically challenging projects. 

Natural Gas Purification

Meet the ever-increasing demands of the energy transition by leveraging Shell Catalysts & Technologies' licenses natural gas purification technology.

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Licensed Technologies

Our experts help you identify opportunities in your refinery to maximise profitability and navigate the energy transition.

Refinery Equipment & Hardware

Shell Catalysts & Technologies rigorously tests refinery and petrochemical plant equipment in pressurised testing facilities and advanced simulations.