Meet Sulfur Emission Mandates with Claus Process

Well-operated Claus tail-gas units are increasingly important as operators strive to meet their sulphur emissions mandates.  Tighter standards mean gas plants need to achieve deeper levels of sulphur removal in order to meet these environmental mandates. 

Sulphur recovery efficiencies of over 99.9% are being specified on some projects. In order to be positioned to achieve this, the Claus section is generally followed by a tail gas treating section.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers a portfolio of sulphur recovery technologies catering for the full range of sulphur removal capacities that can be integrated parts of complex gas cleaning line-ups to provide safe, reliable and easy-to-operate systems, and that are economically attractive and environmentally responsible.

Customers are looking for solutions that:

  • Can meet the required emission standards. Sulphur recovery efficiencies of over 99.9% are being specified on some projects.
  • Lessen capital and operating costs. Simplified process line-ups can help to keep costs down.
  • Reduce process line-up complexity.
  • Offer high flexibility. The ability to operate over a wide range of sulphur intakes can be advantageous. 
  • Increase reliability.

Gas plants and refineries worldwide have reported lower operating costs, extended cycle lengths and reduced pressure drop as a result of installing state-of-the-art technologies and catalysts in their Claus tail-gas treating units.


Claus process operatives carrying out inspection checks

Keep operating costs low while enabling Enhanced Oil Recovery to reduce emissions.

The pure CO2 and SO2 captured avoid landfill and legacy environmental issues and can be sold or reused as marketable co-products. Consistent with Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ approach across our holistic services, we emphasise sustainability, reusability, and profitable processes at every point. This highly adaptable technology can be added to an existing plant or incorporated in a new installation across a wide range of industries.

Sulphur Recovery

Our reliable and robust operations with Claus, SCOT, sulphur degassing and THIOPAQ O&G sulphur recovery technologies secure gas production.

Claus Off-Gas Treating (SCOT) Process

Refineries have lowered operating costs and extended cycle lengths by installing our technologies and catalysts in Claus tail-gas treating units.

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