Enable the Production of Transport Fuels from Biomass Waste

Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ process development for IH² technology tests and optimises biomass to fuel processes for the hydropyrolysis and hydroconversion reactors of the IH² process. Studies were conducted at the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) in Chicago, IL US and at Shell Technology Centre Bangalore (STCB) with the hydropyrolysis and hydroconversion reactors of the IH² process. The two reactors have different process targets in the conversion of organic material. In the hydropyrolysis reactor, the feedstock solids are interacting with the gases and the hydropyrolysis catalyst to convert the biomass into organic fragments with low oxygen content. In the hydroconversion reactor, the remaining small amount of impurities are removed and the final properties of the hydrocarbons is achieved.

The GTI pilot plant operates in excess of 9,000 hours on stream, demonstrating key aspects of IH² technology, including the feedstock handling and supply system, the first- and second-stage reactors, and the separation and discharge systems for the biochar. Thousands of litres of liquid hydrocarbon fuel have also been produced during these experiments.

Shell Technology Centre Bangalore (STCB) is home to several bench-scale operating units including high throughput testing facilities, as well as catalyst preparation equipment focused on advancing the technology. A second pilot-scale facility has recently begun operation at STCB.

The IH² Demonstration facility at STCB provides our largest scale for process optimisation, including the validation of feedstocks and the product quality and yield structure. It also aids the fine-tuning of the process models and provides training for operators.

Our process development for IH² technology:

  • Validates basic design principles for large-scale biomass to fuels process optimisation, including validating product quality and yield structure.
  • Demonstrates the handling and conversion of feedstock into hydrocarbon streams, like gasoline, kerosene, and diesel.
  • Validates the IH² process for converting organic material ranging from forestry, agricultural, aquacultural residues and (ligno)cellulosic fractions of municipal waste.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies provides end-to-end support for the IH² process. Operators can leverage our optimised IH² process development, advanced biofuel catalysts, and IH² demonstration facility for training, design validation, and commercial viability.

Shell operative reviews biomass to fuels meter readings

Get full biomass to fuels process, technology, and product support and validation for large-scale commercial viability. 

We provide expert guidance and technology validation throughout the IH² process to position operators to maximise their investment and effectively convert organic waste to valuable transportation fuels while maintaining high greenhouse gas reduction values.

Integrated Hydropyrolysis and Hydroconversion

Convert a wide range of organic wastes to liquid hydrocarbon transportation fuels efficiently.

Catalysts for IH² Advanced Biofuels Technology

Improve the IH² process with advanced biofuel catalysts. Shell Catalysts & Technologies develops catalyst formulations that fulfil IH² technology process requirements.

IH² Demonstration Facility

Operating at 5 metric tonnes per day, this facility converts forestry, agricultural and urban waste into fungible hydrocarbon transportation fuels.