Validate Waste to Fuel Design, Technology, and Process for Commercial Viability

Convert forestry, agricultural, and mixed urban waste into fungible hydrocarbon transportation fuels with cost-effective IH² technology. Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ IH² Demonstration Facility validates the use of IH² technology and the IH² process under commercially relevant hydrodynamic conditions.

At our IH² waste to fuel Demonstration Facility, licensees will be able to fine-tune process models and receive training. They’ll also see:

  • How to structure IH² technology and equipment, including off-the-shelf hydropyrolysis and hydroconversion reactors, hydrogen manufacturing units, and hydrogen compressors, into a commercially viable process.
  • How an IH² process can be integrated with a steam reformer, using the off-gases of the main process to achieve hydrogen self-sufficiency.
  • How five metric tonnes of feedstock is processed into transportation fuels using a dry, ash-free basis every day.
Shell waste to fuel demostration facility

Shorten IH² implementation time and cost with off-the-shelf equipment.

Reduce lead time and costs by using commercially available IH² equipment. Our IH² waste to fuel Demonstration Facility highlights how operators can leverage off-the-shelf IH² technology for all key process elements to implement a cost-effective method for processing feedstock into fuels.

Our goal is to help operators scale up and commercialise the IH² process, demonstrating the equipment, process, and setup needed to achieve full-scale capacity. Our fully-functioning IH² Demonstration Facility showcases the real-world use case, processing 5 metric tonnes of feedstock into gasoline, jet, and diesel fuels daily.

Integrated Hydropyrolysis and Hydroconversion

Convert a wide range of organic wastes to liquid hydrocarbon transportation fuels efficiently.

Catalysts for IH² Advanced Biofuels Technology

Improve the IH² process with advanced biofuel catalysts. Shell Catalysts & Technologies develops catalyst formulations that fulfil IH² technology process requirements.

Biomass to Fuels: IH² Commercial Process Optimisation

More than 30 process and catalyst patents have resulted from efforts at Shell Technology Centre Bangalore in collaboration with GTI.