Develop Transport Fuels While Maintaining Greenhouse Gas Reduction Values

IH² reactors demand specific catalyst composition and form factor to get the full cost, operating, and environmental benefits of the IH² process. These catalysts efficiently convert biowaste into valuable transportation fuels that meet product specifications without compromising environmental and commercial benefits.

Our advanced biofuel catalysts developed for IH² technology:

  • Are specialised to function in the hydropyrolysis and hydroconversion reactors used in the IH² process.
  • Maximise the conversion of oxygen-rich fragments from the breakdown of biowaste into molecules typically found in transportation fuels such as gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel.
  • Improve hydrocarbon yield while maintaining environmental and cost benefits for operators, including the very high greenhouse gas reduction values unique to the IH² technology.

Significant R&D investments have been made by Shell Catalysts & Technologies in the development of IH² technology. Shell Technology Centre Bangalore (STCB) is home to several bench-scale operating units and high throughput testing facilities, as well as catalyst preparation equipment focused on advancing the technology. A new pilot scale facility has recently begun operation at STCB.

A dedicated catalyst development program has been funded by Shell Catalysts & Technologies since 2010 at STCB with the aim to develop new catalyst formulations that fulfil the process requirements in the hydropyrolysis and hydroconversion reactors in the IH² process. Both reactors demand specific catalyst composition and form factor, dictated by the bubbling fluidised bed technology in the hydropyrolysis step and the fixed bed technology in the hydroconversion step.

Workers survey a portion of the Quest unit at the Scotford

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Continuous investment in IH² technology catalysts optimises processes and raise product yields, lowers cost, and yields environmental benefits.

We continuously improve on our advanced biofuel catalysts for IH² technology to create high-performing formulations that yield environmental, operational, and financial results. To date, more than 30 process and catalyst patents have resulted from consistent development efforts.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies is consistently working to develop the next generation of catalysts for IH² technology, solving challenges as they arise and helping operators more effectively convert feedstock to transportation fuels.

Integrated Hydropyrolysis and Hydroconversion

Convert a wide range of organic wastes to liquid hydrocarbon transportation fuels efficiently.

Biomass to Fuels: IH² Commercial Process Optimisation

More than 30 process and catalyst patents have resulted from efforts at Shell Technology Centre Bangalore in collaboration with GTI.

IH² Demonstration Facility

Operating at 5 metric tonnes per day, this facility converts forestry, agricultural and urban waste into fungible hydrocarbon transportation fuels.