Integrated Hydropyrolysis and Hydroconversion

Convert a wide range of organic wastes to liquid hydrocarbon transportation fuels efficiently.

Strategic Alliances for Waste to Fuel Technology

Shell Catalysts & Technologies partners with a number of companies in the upstream & renewables market with IH² technology.

Catalysts for IH² Advanced Biofuels Technology

Improve the IH² process with advanced biofuel catalysts. Shell Catalysts & Technologies develops catalyst formulations that fulfil IH² technology process requirements.

Biomass to Fuels: IH² Commercial Process Optimisation

More than 30 process and catalyst patents have resulted from efforts at Shell Technology Centre Bangalore in collaboration with GTI.

IH² Demonstration Facility

Operating at 5 metric tonnes per day, this facility converts forestry, agricultural and urban waste into fungible hydrocarbon transportation fuels.

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