High-Activity & Enhanced Stability ULSD Production Catalysts

Shell Catalysts & Technologies continues to be at the forefront of hydroprocessing catalyst development and offers a wide range of distillate hydrotreating solutions to meet the evolving needs of the global refining community. Our premier catalyst portfolio and innovative designs have delivered step out activity and stability for decades. We have worked in close cooperation with refiners to improve performance of distillate units by enabling increased feed rate, higher cracked feed processing and enhanced volume swell. Our success is built on the four pillars of continuous improvement, deep technical expertise, a focused Research and Development program and an ability to gain refiners trust and grow long term relationships.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies is launching the CENTERA GT® platform that builds on the well-proven and widely accepted CENTERA® platform. Two new distillate hydrotreating catalysts have been developed that provide exceptional hydrodesulfurization (HDS) and aromatic saturation activity and enhanced stability. The new CENTERA GT® products enable distillate units to continue to push rate and operating severity thus positioning refiners to improve margins.

Catalyst Type/Applications Description
Diesel CENTERA GT® DN-3638 is Shell Catalysts & Technologies latest generation, highest performance NiMo catalyst for high severity ULSD applications. It is designed for moderate to high pressure units processing refractory (cracked stock, high nitrogen, high endpoint) feeds. Step change in Aromatic Saturation activity makes it ideally suited for maximising hydrogen consumption and volume swell. It provides a significant boost in HDS activity when combined with CoMo catalysts at moderate pressure.
Diesel CENTERA GT® DC-2638 is Shell Catalysts & Technologies latest generation, highest performance CoMo catalyst for ULSD. It provides significant improvement in HDS activity over a wide range of operating conditions and feeds. It exhibits enhanced stability in low-pressure units processing blend of straight run and cracked feeds.
Diesel DN-3636 is a well-proven, high activity catalyst ideal for producing ULSD at moderate to high pressure when sufficient hydrogen is available to capitalise on its exceptional hydrogenation activity. It is designed to maximise nitrogen and sulfur removal with increased hydrogenation for polyaromatic conversion and volume gain.
Diesel DC-2635 is a high activity CoMo catalyst that provides improved activity with the commercially proven stability of prior generations without significant increase in hydrogen consumption. It is designed to maximise sulfur removal for producing ULSD at low-to-moderate operating pressure.
ASCENT® DN-240 Diesel DN-240 is a new generation NiMo catalyst with increased HDS/ HDN activity and excellent silicon pick-up. Distillate units challenged by silicon poisoning require a balance of silicon protection and activity. DN-240 is used alone or combined with a specialised SENTRY® catalyst to optimise silicon protection for maximum cycle life.
ASCENT® DN-3532 Diesel DN-3532 is the latest generation ASCENT® NiMo catalyst for producing ULSD at moderate to high pressure. It promotes a balance of direct and indirect desulfurisation pathways for optimal hydrogen consumption.
ASCENT® DC-2535 Kero & Diesel DC-2535 is the latest generation ASCENT® CoMo catalyst with increased HDS activity while maintaining the proven stability and flexibility of prior generations. With an increase in active metal utilisation, it provides enhanced hydrogenation and HDN activity to enable processing of more difficult feeds including blends of LCO and coker distillate.
ASCENT® DC-2532 Kero & Diesel DC-2532 is a second-generation ASCENT® CoMo catalyst suited for mild severity operation at low to moderate operating pressure when it is critical to minimise hydrogen consumption.
SDD-800 Distillate Dewax SDD-800 is an industry-proven dewax catalyst for cold flow improvement. It offers exceptional activity and stability over a wide range of feedstocks and operating conditions. It is designed to maximise distillate yields in conventional and deep (arctic grade) single stage dewaxing.
Maintenance Operator and Technologist inspecting relief valve for distillate hydrotreating.

We offer premier catalysts, well-proven solutions and top-tier technical support to help refiners extract more value from their distillate units.

Each catalyst system is tailored to the specific requirements of the site including feedstock options, hydrogen availability, and desired product specifications. The process starts with a diagnostic discussion to gain a thorough understanding of the situation followed by an optimised design from our extensive catalyst portfolio. A dedicated and experienced Shell Catalysts & Technologies team works with your site personnel to ensure key performance targets are met.

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Shell Catalysts & Technologies supplies catalysts for the critical processes that use hydrogen to upgrade and add value to refinery streams and final products.

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