Protective Solutions for Catalyst Grading

Opportunity feed sources have extended the range of poisons that hydroprocessing unit operators must face. Shell Catalysts & Technologies has committed unique R&D resources to solve the contaminant problems refineries face every day in order to protect catalyst investment and, ultimately, refineries’ bottom lines.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers SENTRY™ Guard Catalysts and Support — an entire portfolio of solutions that prevent, diagnose, and resolve contaminant issues commonly seen among hydroprocessing units. By implementing SENTRY™ technology, unit operators can thwart contamination effects on catalysts and therefore process higher quality feeds.


SENTRY™ Guard Catalysts and Support products are dedicated to protecting hydroprocessing operations from potentially harmful feedstock contaminants. These products use Shell Catalysts & Technologies filtering infrastructure to prevent contaminants from poisoning catalysts and sabotaging catalyst ROI.

  • SENTRY™ OptiTrap Series - Medallion, MacroRing , Ring, Filterlobe
    • Deep bed filter systems that use inert and catalytically active shaped, high-void aluminas to maximise fouling tolerance
  • SENTRY™ InterLayer
    • Durable NiMo- and CoMo-promoted catalysts designed for sise grading between small diameter catalysts and larger reactor support media
  • SentrySupport[Active]
    • Spherical NiMo-promoted active support designed to provide the foundation for hydroprocessing reactor catalyst loads
  • SentrySupport[Inert]
    • Inert ceramic support designed to withstand the most severe hydrotreating environments


Some hydroprocessing units currently have systems in place that allow for contaminants to poison catalysts. These SENTRY™ Guard Catalysts and Support products maximise trapping technology to eliminate entrainment of unwanted elements in feedstocks, improving the quality of the feeds.

  • SENTRY™ MaxTrap[As]
    • Trilobe catalyst on a high surface area alumina extrudate specially formulated to trap Arsenic (As) present in petroleum feedstocks
    • Demonstrates exceptional stability in severe hydrotreating environments
  • SENTRY™ MaxTrap[Ni,V]
    • Extrudate specially formulated to trap nickel (Ni) and vanadium (V) in vacuum gas oils where asphaltene entrainment is present
  • SENTRY™ MaxTrap[Ni,V]VGO
    • Optimised alumina extrudate specially formulated to trap nickel (Ni) and vanadium (V) in deep cut vacuum gas oils or deasphalted oils
  • SENTRY™ MaxTrap[Si]
    • High surface area alumina extrudate specially formulated to trap silicon (Si) in naphtha feeds
  • MaxTrap[CCR]
    • Demet catalyst specially formulated for maximum CCR conversion
    • Recommended for units processing DAO and deep-cut VGOs or suffering from significant residual entrainment
Catalysts poisoning worker monitors machinery at Pearl GTL Plant

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Distillate Hydrotreating

Distillate hydrotreating can help refiners achieve complex demands set out by clean fuels legislation through effective hydrodesulphurisation (HDS).

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We determine the best reactor loading strategies based on naphtha composition and design of individual process unit to achieve results.