Delivering Profitable, High-Quality Yields

Catalyst performance is paramount to producing high-value base oils. Refiners trust our catalysts to deliver high yields of top-quality base oils. Using our catalyst, base oils can be manufactured from a variety of feed slates ranging from vacuum gas oils, deasphalted oils, to unconverted hydrocracker bottoms. Through various process steps and careful catalyst consideration, these feedstocks can be upgraded to produce high-quality base oils.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies has a proven record of delivering both naphthenic and paraffinic base oil catalyst solutions. Careful consideration goes into building these solutions for pretreating, dewaxing, and hydrofinishing in order to achieve high yields and enhanced quality base oils ‑high performance catalysts is key for each step in this process. Consequently, our catalyst products are found globally, including numerous naphthenic and paraffinic base oil plants and the world’s largest GTL plant – Shell Pearl in Qatar.

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Our Experience. Your Business. Customised Solutions.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies applies decades of base oil expertise to build customised catalyst solutions. Our emphasis is on learning as much about refiners’ situations to help create integrated, customised solutions.

Due to the uniqueness of base oil processing, the Shell Catalysts & Technologies team can guide you through your options for selection and application of the proper catalyst for your application. Additionally, Shell Catalysts & Technologies will utilise their experience with hydrocracking, licensing, and Shell Lubricants to improve value for refiners.

FCC Pretreat Catalysts

FCC Pretreat catalysts and unit designs help refiners develop solutions that will maximise their facility’s profitability within their specific constraints.

Hydrocracking Catalysts

Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers leading-edge hydrocracking catalysts coupled with outstanding technical service.

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