Optimum Catalyst and Process Solutions

Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers a wide variety of catalysts for the hydrotreatment of pyrolysis gasoline (pygas) for both the 1st and 2nd stage process steps. Shell Catalysts & Technologies benefits from operating experience from Shell affiliate’s pygas units), design experience (from Shell’s hydrotreating licensing), reactor internal expertise as well as world-class modelling to become a leading provider in pygas processing solutions. These solutions address common issues experienced when operating pygas treatment systems, such as pressure drop mitigation, activity optimization, and aromatic saturation minimization. These high-performance catalysts have also proven extremely effective in Coke Oven Light Oil (COLO) hydrotreating services.

3 workers at a Pyrolysis Gasoline Processing Plant

Catalysts Designed to Add Value Downstream

Processing a pygas stream can be problematic owing to the reactive nature of the stream. Shell Catalysts & Technologies brings a proven history of developing high-quality pygas catalyst products, proprietary hardware solutions as well as licensed technology.

Our unique position as an owner and operator has given us the optimal vantage point of seeing these catalysts work in our own facilities. We’re taking that expertise and experience and delivering them to our clients so that they too can see the increased returns and maximised value of their own operations.

Reactor Internals

Our reactor internals technology uniformly distributes liquid and gas, minimises thermal maldistribution, and maximises reactor catalyst inventory and utilisation.

Guard Beds & Adsorbents

Protect downstream catalytic processes with Shell Catalysts & Technologies guard beds and adsorbents.

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