Shell Catalysts & Technologies continues to be a leading provider of catalyst solutions for petrochemical customers seeking to maximise value through the purification of C2 – C4/C5 olefin streams. With an established reputation for delivering innovation, Shell Catalysts & Technologies brings a proven track record of value creation through their catalyst solutions which deliver superior stability in both activity and selectivity, in turn allowing ethylene producers to improve the value derived from C2 – C4/C5 olefin streams.

Applications Function Description
C2 Acetylene removal Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers catalysts for both the removal of acetylene in front end (FE) and tail end (TE) operations. In FE applications, their catalysts exhibit exceptional selectivity and stability performance in a wide variety of process configurations. The catalysts are characterised by industry-leading stability in both selectivity and activity. Their extremely wide operating window allows for the safe operation in the widest range of CO concentrations. In a variety of unit designs, Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ catalyst will continue to operate effectively throughout cracker maintenance cycles. In TE applications, Shell Catalysts & Technologies catalyst exhibits proven stability under the high conversion demands required to achieve stringent outlet acetylene targets.
C3 MAPD removal For methyl acetylene and propadiene (MAPD) convertors, Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers leading catalysts for the removal of MAPD in both gas and liquid phase applications. For gas-phase applications, Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ catalyst performs well in adiabatic or isothermal operation and is effective for producers requiring stringent conversion targets. The catalyst proves itself resilient under non-optimum conditions by meeting high selectivity and activity demands throughout the catalyst cycle. For liquid-phase applications, Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers high selectivity catalysts, while minimising green-oil formation.
C4 Selective trace butadiene removal Bringing operational experience with both palladium and nickel catalysts in various reaction system designs (e.g. upflow, downflow, liquid phase, and gas phase), Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ catalyst performance in hydrogenating C4 diolefin in an alkylation stream, plays a critical role in reducing acid consumption and boosting octane through the isomerisation of 1-butene to 2-butene for HF alkylation.
C4/C5 Full saturation Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers catalysts for the saturation of C4/C5 cuts for recycle cracker streams or for the selective hydrogenation of trace diolefins in alkylation pre-treaters. Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers catalysts with optimised palladium dispersion, to minimise overall precious metal content while helping the customer realise high activity requirements.
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We know our selective hydrogenation catalysts work because they work for us.

As an owner/operator in the market, Shell Catalysts & Technologies is able to leverage its relationship with Shell manufacturing sites, to obtain catalyst performance and operations feedback to optimise catalysts and suggest solutions related to the improvement of overall ethylene cracker yields.

C2-C5 Hydrogenation

Enhance the value of derived from cracked olefin streams using C2-C5 hydrogenation solutions.

Pyrolysis Gasoline Processing

Shell Catalysts & Technologies state-of-the-art catalysts enhance economics by optimising the extraction of valuable components present in C5+ pygas streams.

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