Solutions to Stay Onstream

Through its wide experience and deep know-how, Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers a range of Guard Beds & Adsorbents which can reduce the possibility of unplanned shutdowns and increasing protections for poison sensitive downstream catalyst units.

Arsine/mercury Adsorbent

Shell Catalysts & Technologies has designed an efficient guard bed to protect downstream catalysts from common poisons, specifically sulfur, arsine, and/or mercury. The adsorbents are designed to operate within the reaction system, at standard operating conditions, eliminating the need for the design of a separate poison guard system.

Sulfur guard bed

Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers a variety of sulfur adsorbents designed to trap specific sulfur species. Sorbents include copper products for light sulfur adsorption and nickel adsorbents for more complex sulfur removal. Shell Catalysts & Technologies also offers absorbent and guard bed solutions specifically for upstream customers in areas such as LPG purification.

A worker monitors results of guard beds in a hydrogen plant

Technology That Comprehensively Sustains Output

As owners and operators, Shell Catalysts & Technologies understands the importance and role played by guard beds and adsorbents in safeguarding downstream processes and sustaining process economics.

C2-C5 Hydrogenation

Enhance the value of derived from cracked olefin streams using C2-C5 hydrogenation solutions.

Pyrolysis Gasoline Processing

Shell Catalysts & Technologies state-of-the-art catalysts enhance economics by optimising the extraction of valuable components present in C5+ pygas streams.

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