Having developed a leading reputation with chemical and refining customers around the world, Shell Catalysts & Technologies continues to deliver a wide range of unique and market-leading catalyst solutions targeting multiple applications requiring aromatic saturation. As a market leader in many applications, Shell Catalysts & Technologies brings deep expertise developing innovative and highly differentiated catalyst solutions to customers in solvents and diesel hydrotreating as well as gasoline fuel benzene removal and chemical grade benzene saturation.

Multiple catalyst types are used to achieve this saturation, with the catalyst choice depending on the feed properties (sulfur concentration, poison levels, etc.), the type of aromatics (Mono, Di, Tri, etc.) as well as the degree of saturation targeted (full, partial). 

Shell Catalysts & Technologies' portfolio includes impregnated Nickel catalysts which maximise nickel surface area through optimal metal dispersion and are proven to give low hydrocarbon cracking characteristics, a desirable property, especially for lighter feeds.

The portfolio also includes bulk Nickel catalysts designed for high activity with maximum tolerance to poisons.

Catalysts are offered in a reduced and passivated form, allowing for low-temperature activation. In addition, the catalysts are air passivated, dramatically reducing the risk of high-temperature methanation reactions during the activation process.

4 shell employees work to improve the aromatic saturation

Owner Operator Expertise Fueling Comprehensive Value

As owners and operators, Shell Catalysts & Technologies has extensive experience in getting the most value and returns out of our catalysts. Additional value can be created when combining Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ aromatic saturation catalysts with Shell’s Reactor Internals which is proven to improve catalyst utilisation, increasing reactor safety and process optimisation.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies drives innovation through a relentless focus on continuous improvement delivering step out performance across the aromatic saturation portfolio. This is further supported by deep technical service capabilities ensuring maximum benefit to the customer through higher sulfur capacity and extended cycle lengths.

Reactor Internals

Our reactor internals technology uniformly distributes liquid and gas, minimises thermal maldistribution, and maximises reactor catalyst inventory and utilisation.

Distillate Hydrotreating

Distillate hydrotreating can help refiners achieve complex demands set out by clean fuels legislation through effective hydrodesulphurisation (HDS).

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