Shell Catalysts & Technologies has developed a solution that successfully captures and purifies CO2 so that it can be applied in various manufacturing practices.

For example, in a plant converting a feed of Ethylene into Ethylene Oxide, an exhaust stream is also created that contains both hydrocarbons and CO2. Before capturing or releasing CO2 into the atmosphere as permitted by local regulations, the stream must be scrubbed to effectively remove remaining hydrocarbons.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers a proprietary technology that is capable of 98-99.9% removal of residual hydrocarbons from the CO2 stream. The system can also be enhanced to produce food-grade CO2 that can be sold commercially to be used for beverage carbonation and in greenhouses for plant growth.

The process begins by drawing the exhaust stream into the Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer. As the stream enters the RCO, it will pass through the first of a series of heat exchangers that house ceramic heating material.

Lateral Flow Reactor (LFR) units containing the proprietary Shell Catalysts & Technologies high-activity catalysts are mounted on top of each heat exchanger. The system is designed for maximum thermal efficiency by carefully cycling the flow to each subsequent chamber in order to maintain the temperature for optimal catalyst activity. The system offers the potential for 95% thermal efficiency, resulting in little outside energy being used to maintain the optimum temperature.

Once the stream has been scrubbed, the CO2 can be captured and stored for commercial use or released into the atmosphere as permitted by local regulations.

Shell employee examines results of a  carbon dioxide purification process.

Purification Backed by Decades of Experience

High-quality CO2 is also a valuable asset in many industries; but in order for CO2 producers to repurpose the chemical for other companies, it must first be scrubbed from simultaneously produced hydrocarbons. Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ CO2 Polishing System offers an effective and refreshing solution for purifying carbon dioxide.

Determining which specifications a plant should aim for requires an understanding of the requirements and goals of the operation. Shell Catalysts & Technologies is able to support operators when making these decisions to enable them to make the best, most informed decisions possible. Shell’s guidance and expertise comes from decades of owner-operator experience, utilising the same practices we recommend to our customers.

VOC Removal Catalysts

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Selective Catalytic Reduction: DeNOX

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