Tertiary N₂O Abatement

Shell Catalysts & Technologies offers a tertiary solution for N2O decomposition to enable plants to meet clean air regulations.

VOC Removal Catalysts

Struggling with carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions? CO/VOC removal can be achieved with Shell Catalysts & Technologies.

Selective Catalytic Reduction: DeNOX

The selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides is cost-effective with Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ DeNOX system (SDS).

Carbon Dioxide Purification Catalyst

High-performance catalysts to remove trace contaminants from carbon dioxide streams prior to further use in chemical, agricultural and/or food applications.

Dioxin Removal

Shell Catalysts & Technologies provides technology for the catalytic destruction of dioxins and furans from municipal solid and hazardous liquid waste incineration facilities.

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