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Careers in Human Resources at Shell are demanding and challenging, but if you’re right for the job, you’ll find it stimulating and fulfilling. Our Human Resources jobs cover a broad spectrum of specialties within the company but essentially the role is people-orientated, so being skilled at human interaction is essential.

In a career in Human Resources at Shell you could be involved in activities such as providing organisational support and managing change; defining and delivering team development programmes; leading projects in staff planning, compensation and benchmarking; designing and implementing performance management systems; and promoting diversity and inclusiveness. With opportunities in both generalist and specialist roles, our Human Resources jobs offer you the chance to experience different business areas, gain international exposure and begin a career that offers responsibility no matter where in the company you operate.

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To truly succeed in a Human Resources job at Shell, you will need to be able to apply the science, craft and art of HR. By science, we mean the models, theories, concepts and values that underpin all that HR does. By craft, we mean the knowledge and experience of our policies, processes and systems that you learn mostly on the job. And by art, we mean your personal credibility to influence leaders and teams, your instinct for handling issues, your ability to create and use networks, and the courage to challenge robustly when needed.

In return you’ll join a structured learning and development programme that will help you build a satisfying and meaningful Human Resources career in one of the world’s most innovative companies.

Meet the manager

For Tessa de Mönnink-van Westrenen, Human Resources Manager for Retail Americas and Global Retail Marketing, the fact that her career in HR at Shell has been both varied and international is what makes it such a constantly engaging and rewarding job. “I’ve had a very varied career path,” she says. “That attracts me. I want to stay interested.”


One of Tessa’s proudest moments came while serving as Global Recruitment Manager in Malaysia, when she introduced a new process of recruitment that sourced candidates globally and then placed them, rather than having each country working independently. “That makes me feel really good,” she says. “Because … I could influence the global agenda.”


This open environment, which gives each employee a ‘seat at the table’ with senior executives and management, is something that Tessa says is particularly important to the success of Shell and its employees. “You have to forge your own destiny.”