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We have more than 2,500 professionals working across health, safety, security, the environment (HSSE) and social performance (SP), based in more than 30 countries. To succeed in a career in HSSE and SP at Shell you’ll have the know-how and experience to help us deliver the rigorous safety standards demanded by our industry, and to look after the welfare of our people, and the environment we work in. 

In return we will provide you with the resources to put your ideas into action, worldwide opportunities to advance your career, and outstanding benefits and rewards that support your quality of life. All Shell HSSE and SP jobs offer an opportunity to be part of a passionate and growing team who share Shell’s HSSE goals. Together we can make a real difference.


Ensuring the safety and integrity of our assets is paramount to Shell. Our process safety jobs involve ensuring that our facilities are well designed, safely operated, and properly inspected and maintained. We aim to operate all assets, regardless of age or location, in a way that meets or exceeds our internal standards and relevant legal and regulatory requirements. Shell continues to invest in maintaining and improving the safety and reliability of its operations. This includes investing more than $5 billion per year in our Upstream business to improve equipment.

Engineer safely secured in a high rig communicating on a walkie-talkie

We are passionate about safety standards both on land and at sea. Shell has worked for more than a century with shipping industry bodies, governments and other stakeholders to help develop stringent international standards and regulatory standards to control and mitigate marine risk.

Equally, getting road safety right has long been a priority for us – and presents a serious challenge. We have the largest network of service stations in our industry. Shell staff and contractors drive about 1.1 billion kilometres each year, more than 75 times around the globe every day. We are reducing our risks by following our global road safety standards and through awareness programmes, training and minimising journeys.


Shell environment jobs involve ongoing work to find ways to help reduce the impact of business activities on the world around us. Our environment professionals work hand in hand with their business colleagues across projects and operations, support the development and application of new technologies, and collaborate with external partners. They also work to prevent incidents that may result in spills of hazardous substances. At Shell, we have an effective oil spill emergency response capability. We plan, prepare and practice our emergency response to incidents to mitigate the consequences to people and the environment.


Shell Health works to protect and promote the health of our employees, contractors and neighbours. If you joined us you could be asked to work on Fitness to Work assessments, medical surveillance, First Aid and medical emergency response preparedness and planning, worksite assessments and the provision of general health information for workers and management where required.

Corporate security

Our Corporate Security (CS) exists to protect our people, property, reputation and sensitive information, and offers advice and services to reduce and manage risks. Our global network of professional Regional Security Managers provide practical support and are consulted in the early stages of new ventures or projects. Our CS professionals maintain relations with a worldwide network of government agencies, commercial security providers and industry peers.

Pearl GTL

Pearl GTL plant lit up at night

Pearl GTL - opens on Shell.com is the world’s largest gas-to-liquids plant, located 80km north of Doha in Qatar. The gas field stretches from Qatar’s coast and contains more than 900 trillion cubic feet of gas, equivalent to 150 billion barrels of oil.

The plant is immense, which provides Shell with a unique HSSE and SP challenge. Safety records are enviable at Pearl due to the hard work of everyone involved in the safety of the plant, and education of the workforce about safety. This earned Pearl 77 million hours without an injury leading to time off work in 2010 – a record for Shell.